$1M Grant to Harris Country for Air Monitoring Upgrades

The American Chemistry Council Foundation, TCC, ECHMA, and ACC has awarded a USD $1 Million grant to Harris County to further enhance the region’s air monitoring capabilities.

The grant is for specific uses by the county that were negotiated between industry and Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia. Specifically, the purchase of one new Auto Gas Chromatography stationery monitor located in the Bayport/Seabrook has been mentioned. This area was identified in Harris County’s Gap Analysis as deficient in air monitoring resources.

The grant also provides designated funding for handheld air monitoring systems that will be provided to trained emergency responders, including police and fire personnel in the region, as well as funds for equipment calibration and training.

Finally, the grant includes funding to support the engagement of the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) to analyze, interpret and communicate on air monitoring that may adversely affect air quality for the public at relevant emission events. This effort is intended to provide a balanced and credible third party to help interpret and communicate air monitoring data during an industrial incident.
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