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Fugitive Emissions Journal is a leading international magazine on fugitive emissions with a worldwide distribution. The magazine is published 6 times per year.

The editorial content strongly focuses on end-user experiences and practical applications. Apart from technical articles on valve design, fluid control, sealing technology, actuation etcetera, topical issues such as maintenance & repair, high-temperature/high-pressure applications, abrasive service and standardisation are covered as well.

Throughout the year, we focus on special issues on power generation, oil & gas, hydrogen, renewable energy, refining, chemical process industry, emission control, actuation, control valves, etc. etc.

Fugitive Emissions Journal offers a variety of advertising possibilities.

  • a full range of traditional printed advertisement formats, including full-colour spread print advertisements and live links in our latest interactive publications,
  • to our unique Cover Story Package (which includes multi-media promotion: digital & on-line & social media +magazine advertisements + editorial + the cover of The Fugitive Emissions Journal.

Fugititve Emissions Journal advertising offers a unique marketing communication portfolio which generates enormous impact and selling power, providing your company with the opportunity to communicate with professional decision-makers in the global fugitive emissions industry – all potential new clients!

For a full selection of Fugitive Emissions Journal advertising opportunities see the latest Fugitive Emissions Journal Media Kit.

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