AIDA Target: Emission-Neutral Cruising

AIDA Cares, the German has announced in its latest sustainability report 94% of its guests will be sailing on ships that can be fully operated with LNG or, in port, with shorepower by 2023.

The company introduced the first LNG-fueled cruise in 2018, the AIDAnova. The cruise line will have two more of these ships by 2023. The company said it is also retrofitting existing ships with state-of-the-art green technology.

Key targets in the report include the use of LNG, shore power from renewable energy sources, the use of modern exhaust gas cleaning systems, the reduction or complete elimination of plastic and disposable products, and the avoidance of food waste on board.

“Today we are already exploring together with our partners the use of fuel cells, batteries or liquefied gas from renewable sources in the cruise industry. We are committed to both the Paris climate targets and those of the IMO. Our long-term goal is clear: emission-neutral cruising," commented AIDA President Felix Eichhorn in a press release.

AIDA further commented that all its ships built from 2000 onward (a total of 12 ships) will be equipped for shore power connection. On average, its ships spend 40% of their operating time in port.By using shore power from renewable energy sources while in port, emissions can be reduced to virtually zero.

Image Courtesy of AIDA. 

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