Baker Hughes Collaborates on Carbon Capture Innovation with Arcelor Mittal

The Arcelor Mittal 3D project, launched in 2019 in Dunkirk, France, involves capturing carbon dioxide contained in the blast furnace using a chemical solvent and extracting the CO2 and reducing the pressure. This process allows the CO2 to be re-used in the furnaces or stored, and yields heat that can be used to reduce the operating costs of the furnace. The demonstration plant will be capable of capturing approximately 4,400 tons of CO2 per year from steel-mill gas.

The CO2 extracted from the process is extremely pure (99.7%) and can be pressurized at up to 7 bars to facilitate subsequent transport by boat or pipeline. CCU/S therefore has the potential to reduce dependence on fossil resources and contribute to the decarbonization of steelmaking.

Baker Hughes has provided a suite of valve solutions for this important initiative including the Masoneilan™ 35002 Series Camflex™ Rotary Control Valve, 21000 Series Single Port Valve, and 41005 Series Cage Guided Valve, ranging from 1” to 4”, meeting pressure classes ANSI 150 and ANSI 300 and constructed of CF3M, CF8M and WCC materials.

Courtesy of Baker Hughes.

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