Clovity & Twin Eagle Solutions Create IoT Solutions

Clovity and Twin Eagle are partnering to create advanced IoT monitoring solutions that are able to monitor fugitive emissions, chemical leaks or gas leakage, 24 hours a day 7 days a week providing AI “at the edge” for real time alerts and analytics through Clovity’s CSensorNet IoT platform. 

Bay Area based Artificial edge Intelligence and IoT software firm, Clovity, and Centennial, CO based Energy Management and Oil & Gas Technology Solution Provider, Twin Eagle Solutions, have partnered to address new EPA mandates on Oil & Gas companies as well as refinery providers throughout the US. The mandates require the limiting of emissions from methane greenhouse gases, black smoke from flare burn off, and chemical leaks in weakening infrastructure. Clovity and Twin Eagle Solution will partner to provide new AI and IoT capabilities, through Clovity’s CSensorNet IoT platform, that will mitigate fugitive emission and ensure compliance with EPA standards. The proposed regulations will reach hundreds of thousands of new and—for the first time—existing facilities in the production, gathering, processing, transmission and storage segments of the Oil & Gas industry.

While Natural Gas has a lesser carbon footprint than Coal when burned, fugitive emissions are significantly cutting into the efficacy of this energy product. Fugitive emissions can come from wells, pipelines, or any other part of the physical supply chain for natural gas.

Through this partnership, Clovity and Twin Eagle intend to address the compliance needs that Natural Gas companies are currently facing: Tracking Fugitive Emissions in real time. The companies intend to provide combined expertise in Oil & Gas and artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and video streaming to take immediate action to address these new emission mandates. These collective capabilities will help large refineries and producers to ensure they are compliant with EPA regulations and create a greener future for generations to come.

Courtesy of Clovity. 
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