CO2 Sensors in Smartphones and Wearables

trinamiX GmbH, a leader in 3D imaging and infrared sensing technologies, has announced the company’s proprietary lead selenide (PbSe) near-infrared detectors can be effectively integrated into challenging applications for carbon dioxide(CO2) measurement. Those include medical breath gas analysis (capnography) and mobile air quality monitoring. Thanks to their fast response time and high detectivity, the detectors enable extremely accurate yet miniaturized CO2 measurements.

CO2 concentration is an important indicator of indoor air quality because high CO2 concentrations affect both health and productivity. Air conditioning and ventilation systems typically use pyroelectric detectors or thermopiles in CO2 sensors to monitor indoor air quality. Due to their large size and high energy consumption, those detectors cannot be integrated into consumer devices.
With trinamiX PbSe detectors, CO2 concentration measurement systems can become 8 times smaller than currently available systems – without compromising on accuracy. Smartphones and wearables can now be equipped with real time CO2 monitoring to track air quality at home, in the office, industry or while travelling.

Press Release Courtesy of BASF.
Image Caption: trinamiX PbSe bare chip detectors.
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