Endress+Hauser supports the green hydrogen coalition

Endress+Hauser announces it is now a sponsor of the Green Hydrogen Coalition (GHC). The manufacturer has donated to the nonprofit and is committed to supporting the GHC’s vision to deploy green hydrogen at scale to accelerate multi-sectoral decarbonization. 
“Sustainability is deeply rooted in our company culture,” says Cory Marcon, Power and Energy Industry Manager, Endress+Hauser. “We are proud to support the mission of the GHC as it closely aligns with our company brand and core values. As one of the pioneers in developing cutting edge technologies, Endress+Hauser’s product portfolio supports online measurement of quantity and quality parameters in the hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and end-use processes.”
The GHC is the only 501c3 educational nonprofit dedicated to advancing green hydrogen adoption at scale. Green hydrogen can be produced using renewable energy sources, through means such as electrolysis. Hydrogen fuel has been referred to as the “Swiss Army Knife” for hard-to-decarbonize industrial sectors such as agriculture, steel manufacturing, and cement production, and even aviation. The only byproduct is water, oxygen, and heat.
“As a family-owned company, we see the importance of responsible corporate management and know we have a part to play,” says Marcon.
As a Champion Circle sponsor of the GHC, Endress+Hauser is helping to build top-down momentum for scalable green hydrogen projects that leverage multi-sector opportunities to simultaneously scale supply and demand.
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