Fire-Safe Thermal Shutoff Valve from Assured Automation

Assured Automation’s FM Fire-Safe Thermal & Electro-Thermal ball & butterfly valve assemblies are FM approved for use in flammable liquid or gas applications. The heat actuated thermal links automatically shut or open the valve at trigger temps. A manual lever or gear operator allows the valve to be manually operated without affecting fusible link. 

The FM Fire-Safe Shutoff assemblies from Assured Automation are API 607 and Factory Mutual approved for flammable liquids and gases, and are commonly used to: shutting down hazardous lines when fire occurs, and activating sprinkler systems to control fires. Assured Automation makes it easy to configure the FM FIre-Safe Shutoff to meet the specs of any customer’s installation. The online configurator produces the part number, price, and quote. 

The FM Fire-Safe is also available with an electro-thermal link (ETL) which is compatible with most smoke or gas detectors. The electro-thermal option is used with fuel and combustion control applications, combustion safeguards, and electro-signaling systems that are heat activated, smoke or gas activated, flame-energy activated, or activated by rate of rise or maximum temperature. 

These valve and fusible link assemblies include manually operated ball or butterfly valves. If a fire occurs, the thermal link either automatically stops the flow of flammable liquids or gases (in a normally open configuration) – or opens flow to release a fire retardant or divert the flammable material (a normally closed configuration). 

Image credit: Assured Automation
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