Fugitive Emissions Summit Americas 2020 Chairman

Introducing Bronson Pate, Global Vice President of RFS Compliance Solutions.

As the Fugitive Emissions Summit Americas 2020 approaches, the Fugitive Emissions team had the pleasure of speaking to the event Chairman, Bronson Pate, Client Relationship Manager at TRICORD Consulting. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Bronson brings a wealth of knowledge to the role, which he aims to use to provide high-quality learning opportunities for guests and exhibitors at the event, which will take place on December 9th and 10th at the LyondellBasell Center for Petrochemical, Energy, & Technology (CPET) in Pasadena, TX.

A Message from the Chairman
It is with great humility and respect I have graciously accepted the honor of Chairman for the Fugitive Emissions Summit Americas 2020, organized by KCI World and Messe Düsseldorf North America. I am extremely excited to see the wealth of industry knowledge that will be brought together under one roof in Pasadena. Many say I grew up in the refining industry. Starting my career in the environmental sector, I discovered very quickly that building relationships in this industry was crucial and very beneficial to my advancement. One of the main ways you can create a solid network is by branching into new areas where you could use a better understanding. Summits, conferences and conventions are the best and fastest way to accomplish this.
One thing I have noticed in my career is that there is a giant age gap in the industry. With many Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on their way to retirement, younger generations are expected to take over with only a few months or years under their belts. A lack of universal knowledge will move the industry in a backward direction unless we, as SMEs, start to share our experiences more broadly. Therefore, it is my hope as Chairman to help bridge this knowledge gap.
Please submit your abstracts to our steering committee, so they can have a great pool for topic selection. If you need any advice on an idea or how best to put together an abstract, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at any time. I hope everyone will take away something from the conference to help the next generation grow, as our mentors did for us.

I hope to meet each and every one of you in December 2020!

Bronson Pate
Chairman of Fugitive Emissions Summit Americas 2020
Global Vice President, RFS Compliance Solutions

To learn more about the event, visit: https://americas.fugitive-emissions-summit.com/
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