Fugitive Emissions Summit Americas 2024: An Outstanding Success!

Fugitive Emissions Summit Americas 2024, held at San Jacinto College’s LyondellBasell Center for Petrochemical, Energy, and Technology in Pasadena, TX, on January 24th and 25th, surpassed the expectations of attendees and exhibitors alike. The event successfully brought together a community of end users, EPCs, distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers dedicated to improving workplace practices, in efforts to reduce the environmental damage caused by industrial emissions.

The two-day event provided a dy­namic meeting point for a range of professionals, who capitalized on the opportunity to speak with one an­other. The conference and exhibition were attended by hundreds of partic­ipants from several industrial disci­plines, including HSE professionals, design engineers, carbon engineers, and many more.

The event consisted of several high-quality keynotes, panel discus­sions, informative workshops, and an expo hall where visitors and ven­dors alike were able to network and talk shop; all of which provided time for learning, reconnecting, and form­ing new business connections.

Dynamic Conference

Day One of the conference kicked off with a keynote presentation by Nao­mi Jabbari, S&B Engineers and Con­structors on Net Zero by 2050. This was followed by Hi, I am from Corpo­rate and I am Here to Help from Brian Blowers, Phillips 66. Finally, the last keynote was delivered by Brindesh Dhruva, Bray International, on the Role of Technology Towards Sustain­ability.

Following the keynote presentations, the morning session transitioned into an exciting panel discussion surrounding the topic of Net Zero, moderated by Naomi Jabbari, S&B Engineers and Constructors. Along­side this exciting talk was the first In­stallation, Operation & Maintenance Workshop on Low E Valve Technolo­gy with presentations from Rodney Roth, Nippon Pillar/RFS Compliance, Tim Cardozo, HPC Industrial, Stefan Hufnagel, Amtec North America, and Chris Rupp, Bray International.

After a break for lunch, the afternoon sessions began. Participants had the opportunity to choose between two workshops: Installation, Operation & Maintenance or Emission Monitoring Technology. Another option for par­ticipation was a panel discussion took place about Sustainability and the Key Low E Solution moderated by Ron Frisard, FSA/A.W. Chesterton.

As day one ended, visitors enjoyed a happy hour and got the opportuni­ty to do some more networking with industry peers.

Day two opened with a keynote pre­sentation by Don Kinder, Marathon Petroleum on Lessons Learned from Our Gas Processing Plant Consent Decree. This was followed by Tim Goedeker, Consultant, presenting on Forever Chemical, or Not—PTFE is the Key to Reducing Fugitive Emis­sions. Finally, to close out the key­note session and lead us into our first round of panel discussions was Emma Vafi, Lumi Services, present­ing If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It (or SHOULD You?).

The morning session began with three concurrently running panel discussions. The first was Navigat­ing Environmental Compliance Using Sealing Technology, moderated by Brian Blowers, Phillips 66; the second was Low E Valve Design, moderated by Brindesh Dhruva, Bray Interna­tional; and the third and final panel discussion was Emerging Monitoring Technology, moderated by Richie Rit­ter, Emerson. Each session gave the attendees the chance to interact and learn from compelling discussions, as well as ask questions and network.

After the lunch break, the afternoon session consisted of three workshops all surrounding Emerging Technolo­gies: Environmental Impacts with Session Chair, Frank Campagna, Em­erson; Low E Valve Technology with Session Chair Trace Scrivner, Exx­onMobil; and Emissions Technology with Session Chair Tim Goedeker, Consultant.

The end of day two concluded with another engaging happy hour, allow­ing attendees to socialize and enjoy each other’s company, facilitating great future connections.

Looking Forward

After four successful events, Fugi­tive Emissions Summit Americas has cemented itself as one of the most important emission control conferences in the industry, drawing a crowd of emission prevention and monitoring professionals as well as decision-makers from all corners of the industry.

The success of Fugitive Emissions Summit Americas would not have been possible without the dedication and support of our sponsors, panel­ists, and presenters. We extend our heartfelt thanks to each one of them.

Mark your calendars for the next Fu­gitive Emissions Summit Americas set to return in 2025. We eagerly an­ticipate your presence and invite you to participate in what promises to be another milestone event.

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