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Workshop – Fugitive Emissions

Description: This workshop will discuss the effects of Fugitive Emissions and Fugitive Emissions Control pertaining to valves.

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Session: Fugitive Emissions
Session Date & Time: Thursday, June 20th from 2:30AM to 4:30PM
Session Chair: Rodney Roth, Beric Valves

Currently the Senior Vice President of Beric Valves, Rodney Roth has spent his 30-year career in the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry, along with doing additional work in the communications and power industries.

In his current role, Roth is responsible for the management of the company on a global scale. “I truly do not have a typical day at work, due to the wide variety of responsibilities I have related to the operation of Beric Valves,” he explained. “In addition to spending time in the office, I travel globally approximately 50% of the time. I am also very active in the American Petroleum Institute (API), along with having a heavy involvement in teaching a variety of courses, writing content for publications, and participating in speaking events.”

Controlling Fugitive Emissions 

As one of the Fugitive Emissions Session Chairs, Roth plans to focus on the impact that fugitive emissions will have on valves, as well as all the other potentially-effected components. “Fugitive emissions is one of the most talked about issues throughout our industries. Throughout the past decade, we have spent a tremendous amount of time discussing the issues at API, Valve World, Valve World Americas, the Fugitive Emissions Summit, and several other conferences and meetings,” Roth stated. “The control of fugitive emissions is a global issue, and is something that has led to many changes in the way valve manufacturing is viewed at every level. Additionally, the economic impact on users continues to grow as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to negotiate consent decrees with major end users. The signing of the Clean Air Act of 1990, a pivotal milestone for the industry, is still continuing to evolve today in order to address the present-day issues of the environment.”

Visiting Valve World Americas

Roth has always enjoyed participating in the panels of the Valve World conferences. “It gives me that chance to interact with experts that can help me continue to grow and learn. Consolidation of the experts is key; this is a way to ensure we bridge the knowledge gap between the different sectors of the various industries,” he expressed. “The most important thing is to find and attend those workshops that will give you the chance to learn about a topic you are currently lacking understanding in. This way, you’re constantly expanding your knowledge.”
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