Launch of new program to reduce flaring

The Environmental Partnership announced the launch of its latest performance program, which is focused on reducing flaring in upstream operations. The flare management program expands on The Environmental Partnership’s core mission — which recently added midstream operations and represents over 70% of total onshore U.S. oil and natural gas production — to share information on best practices, advance new and proven technologies, foster collaboration to reduce emissions and collect data to inform efforts to minimize flaring.

As part of the new program, companies will advance best practices to reduce flare volumes, promote the beneficial use of associated gas, and improve flare reliability and efficiency when flaring does occur. Flaring is typically used when there is a lack of gas gathering lines or processing capacity, during facility or gathering maintenance, or during unplanned events for safety measures to alleviate pressure. In these instances, flaring is the safer environmental option. Rather than venting the gas into the air, flaring burns the gas, which releases fewer greenhouse gases than venting.

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