Leading U.S. Natural Gas Companies Establish Appalachian Methane Initiative

A group of leading U.S. natural gas operators today launched the Appalachian Methane Initiative (AMI), a coalition committed to further enhancing methane monitoring throughout the Appalachia Basin and facilitating additional methane emissions reductions in the region. Enhancing methane emissions monitoring in the natural gas sector will assist in positioning companies for continued GHG reductions and will further underscore the sustainability proposition of Appalachian natural gas in the global energy system.

The formation of AMI, whose founding members include Chesapeake Energy Corporation, EQT Corporation, and Equitrans Midstream Corporation, brings together two of the top five natural gas producers in the United States and one of the country’s leading midstream service providers.

AMI’s efforts are intended to promote greater efficiency in the identification and remedy of potential fugitive methane emissions from operations in the Appalachian Basin through coordinated satellite and aerial surveys on a geographic-basis, as opposed to an operator-specific basis, and taking into account advanced methane monitoring and reporting frameworks.

The coalition will seek to coordinate and share best practices in mitigating methane emissions from natural gas operations, including production and midstream, and collaborate on activities and monitor results through transparent, publicly available reporting.

Courtesy of Equitrans Midstream Corporation.

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