LyondellBasell to reduce plastic waste, CO2 emissions

LyondellBasell, a global plastics, chemicals and refining company, plans to boost production of recycled and renewable-based products to reduce plastic waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions during production, as detailed in its new sustainability report.

The plastic manufacturer has pledged to produce and market two million metric tons of “recycled and renewable-based polymers” per year by 2030. LyondellBasell is developing its own proprietary chemical recycling technology and expanding the types of mechanically recycled resin it offers, according to the report, released September 28.

Key elements of LyondellBasell Sustainability Report involve:

  • Produce and market two million metric tons of recycled and renewable-based polymers annually, increase its investment in the recovery and recycling of plastic, and accelerate solutions to end plastic waste.
  • Reduce its CO2 emissions by 15% per ton of product produced relative to 2015 levels by 2030.
  • Advance diversity, inclusion and equity in the workplace by accelerating initiatives, such as building diversity and inclusion (D&I) into our talent programs, implementing a D&I Officer position and involving a cross-section of leaders to serve as the D&I Council.
  • Join American Chemistry Council and Plastics Europe industry peers to ensure 100 percent of plastic packaging is reused, recycled or recovered by 2040.

    Read the full sustainability report here.

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