MasterTop 1912 Low-E Flooring System for Industry

The MasterTop 1900 range, from the broad Master Builders Solutions® portfolio of advanced flooring solutions, provides flooring systems that are particularly suitable for industrial areas.

Part of the 1900 range, the innovative MasterTop 1912 system, meets the highest requirements regarding wear resistance, durability and visual appearance, and scores with low emission values. The unique high performance of the 1912 system is given by Master Builders Solutions’ Xolutec technology.

Xolutec is the result of intensive research efforts and was developed for special construction materials used in areas characterized by high mechanical and thermal stress. The innovative technology ensures exceptional scratch, wear resistance and low dirt pick-up.

MasterTop 1912 thus provides a resilient as well as visually attractive flooring solution particularly suitable for use in industrial areas such as production facilities, laboratories or warehouses. This is highlighted clearly by current reference projects where customers have drawn major quantified benefits from using MasterTop 1912, reducing both their maintenance costs as well as their environmental footprint.

Press Release Courtesy of BASF.
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