New Credit Card to Limit Carbon-Emission Spending

The DO Black Card from Swedish financial tech company, Doconomy, allows customers to set a predetermined carbon limit on their credit card spending.

In addition to tracking standard banking information and purchase history, each time the card is used the company will track the carbon emissions associated with the purchase. The accompanying DO app, which tracks the customer’s carbon spending, relies on the Aland Index, measuring the carbon-emission consequences of each and every transaction. Once the user arrives at the predetermined carbon limit, the customer is cut off from spending.

The credit card itself is made of bio-sourced materials, including the ink – which is derived from air pollution particles such as chimney soot.

In collaboration between Doconomy, MasterCard and the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat, the card was designed to encourage people to reduce their carbon footprints. DO Black Card allows users to earn credits for making environmentally friendly purchases with participating retailers. 

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