New Mexico releases new oil and gas emissions rules

The state of New Mexico, United States has released the final version of proposed emissions regulations for oil and gas regulators and petitioned for a hearing to finalize the rules. The Oil Conservation Division (OCD) and its parent agency the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD) began work on enacting stricter regulations on gas emissions from extraction facilities last year.

The proposed rule would require both upstream and midstream oil and gas operators to capture 98% of their natural gas by 2026, rather than releasing the gas through venting or burning (flaring). The rules also created new requirements for pipeline operations.

The first phase of the new regulations will focus on gathering data and increasing reporting requirements for operations, aimed at finding sources of gas emissions at every stage of operations.

The second stage will use the data gathered to develop steps operators must take in order to achieve the capture goal in the next six years. The proposal allows companies to develop their own gas capture technologies and increase data requirements to help reach the target.

Details Courtesy of OCD.

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