Serbia Adopts Plan to Cut Emissions

The Government of Serbia has passed the updated National Plan for the Reduction of the Main Pollutant Emissions from Old Large Combustion Plants, that has been on hold since 2016. The measures are intended primarily for thermal power plants. The goal is to match emission levels with the limits set out in the European Union’s Industrial Emissions Directive, by the end of 2027.

The government has criticized for inaction in previous years, therefore they have banded together a work group to come up with an immediate response. No further details have been released yet.
The secretariat said Serbia’s latest move is important step in reducing emissions from large combustion plants. “Air pollution is clearly one of the biggest environmental problems in Serbia. The reduction of pollutants from large combustion plants is therefore an essential – albeit in itself not sufficient – measure to protect the health of citizens as well as the environment,” Director Janez Kopač said in a press release.
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