Series 6000 Tray Scrubber by Bionomic Industries

Bionomic Industries Inc., an industry leading manufacturer of proven air pollution abatement and product recovery technologies, has announced the release of their new advanced Series 6000 Tray Scrubber. 

Available in sizes to handle gas volumes from 500 to 150,000 cfm, the Series 6000 utilizes special high-performance tray designs in single or multiple stages to achieve maximum gas absorption. The tray uses water at extremely low rates to absorb and concentrate product in one easy step, eliminating the need for recirculation pumps. This once-through water flow pattern also enables recovery of higher vapor pressure concentrated solutions for reuse in the process. For applications where fine mists form during absorption, a final coalescing filter is used to reduce emissions to extremely low, nearly non-detectable levels to easily meet environmental standards. 

The Series 6000 is ideally suited for recovering and re-concentrating acids such as hydrochloric from metal pickling operations, acetic acid, ammonia and alcohols from supply and process operations including a host of other emission source compounds. 
Image Courtesy of Bionomic Industries Inc.
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