ŠF Pöyry changes brand name to AFRY

Since February 2019, ŠF and Pöyry have been jointly operating in more than 100 countries. On November 25, the companies launched a new common brand, AFRY.

ŠF was founded in 1895 and Pöyry in 1958. Since the merger the companies have become the biggest company in our sector in the Nordic region, and a global actor with almost 17,000 employees with offices in 50 countries and projects in 100 countries, with an annual revenue of about SEK 20 billion. They intend to bring the best from both ŠF and Pöyry into the new brand AFRY.

“Our focus on sustainability is strengthened and our position as a global company consolidated with the launch of AFRY. Given the exponential technological development we are facing, our services and solutions are more relevant than ever. In the last couple of years, we have experienced significant growth, and our revenue has doubled since 2015. I am happy to be a part of creating a common platform for the whole company, as well as proud of bringing our vibrant history into the future,” says Jonas Gustavsson, President and CEO at AFRY.

AFRY is a leading company handling engineering, design and advisory services. The company creates sustainable solutions for their clients, which are mainly within the infrastructure, industry and energy sectors.

The legal name of the company will remain ŠF Pöyry AB. The new brand AFRY is a combination of the letters in ŠF and Pöyry: AF+RY.

Press Release Courtesy of AFRY.

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