Snam & Baker complete hydrogen turbine test

Baker Hughes and Snam have successfully completed testing of the world’s first hybrid hydrogen turbine designed for a gas network. The test paves the way to implement the adoption of hydrogen blended with natural gas in Snam’s current transmission network infrastructure. 
The test took place at Baker Hughes’ facility in Florence, Italy with a Baker Hughes’ NovaLT12 gas turbine. The test marks the first time that a gas infrastructure operator such as Snam has tested this type of turbine for its existing assets. The turbine will be installed by 2021 at Snam’s compressor station of Istrana, in the province of Treviso, Italy. Once installed, the NovaLT12 will not only help to compress and move hydrogen fuel blends through Snam’s transmission network of pipelines, but the turbine will simultaneously use the same fuel to power itself.
Currently, 70% of Snam’s pipelines are already built with hydrogen-ready pipes to help contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in Italy. Current test further validates the viability of Snam’s infrastructure, including the NovaLT12, to support the transition to hydrogen.
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