Tekran Analyzers for Natural Gas Industry

The Tekran® 2537Xi-NG Natural Gas Mercury Monitor is designed for automated analysis of Natural Gas and other hydrocarbon gases from pressurized sources. The 2537Xi-NG System is configured specifically to fully comply requirements of ISO Method 6978 and ASTM Method D6340. The system automatically performs a range of quality control checks such as breakthrough and recovery tests to assure system accuracy. It offers multiple automated QA routines to validate method performance and a range of 1 ng/m3 to 2000 ug/m3. Network enabled, it is accessible by remote operation for data retrieval.

Additionally, the natural gas and industrial hygiene analyzer was built specifically to meet the needs of the natural gas industry. The Tekran® 2600-NG is able to quickly and reliably determine the mercury content of complex industrial gasses. Ideally suited for study of gaseous matrices with elevated mercury levels, the 2600-NG can also be used in industrial hygiene applications to determine worker exposure to mercury vapors.

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