Zero Carbon Humber Campaign Launched in UK

A partnership to build the world’s first zero carbon industrial convoy and decarbonize the North of England has developed.

The campaign for the Humber region recently launched and aims at gaining government support for the region to become the United Kingdom’s first ‘net zero’ carbon cluster. Achieving this goal will help to protect jobs within major industrial and manufacturing industries across the region.

Energy companies Drax Group, Equinor and National Grid Ventures are leading the Zero Carbon Humber campaign with the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership and CATCH, a trade body for industrials. The campaign is in response to the government’s global ambition to create the first ‘net zero’ carbon industrial cluster in the UK by 2040.

The Humber is the UK’s biggest industrial economy, employing 55,000 people in the region. Humber hosts around 100 chemical and refining companies, accounting for around 12% of total employment in the UK chemicals sector, according to Equinor.

More information about the Zero Carbon Humber campaign is available on the website:

Image Courtesy of Zero Carbon Humber.

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