Canada Nickel Announces Improvements to Accelerated CO2 Capture Process

Canada Nickel Company Inc. announced the results of further laboratory test results that build on the success of initial work on the In Process Tailings Carbonation Process, which is a novel method for accelerated carbon capture that the Company believes has transformative potential.

Mark Selby, Chair and CEO of Canada Nickel commented, “These lab scale tests advance our understanding of how to operationalize this process to turn a nickel mine into a net generator of carbon credits rather than a generator of carbon emissions.  In our latest testing, we were able to triple the amount of carbon captured in 24 hours versus our prior test work.  Our goal is to develop a process which would utilize existing plant equipment and processes to operationalize our IPT Carbonation process, which is at least 8-12 times faster than current passive approaches and what industry leaders are currently able to achieve, with easier quantification and verification of the amount of carbon captured.”

This new set of results from the lab scale test program completed at Kingston Process Metallurgy (“KPM”), utilizing the most reactive tailings stream, demonstrates that changes to two key levers increased the amount of carbon capture in just 24 hours relative to the previous tests by more than three times, and achieved more than 60% of the previously achieved carbon capture level that had taken six days. Understanding the impact of these variables on the carbon capture potential is believed to be key to operationalizing the process.

Courtesy of Canada Nickel.

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