Carbon Capture launched as a service

Aker Carbon Capture has launched an integrated offering that ‘covers everything a customer needs to reduce emissions by CCS’ called Carbon Capture as a Service; Carbon capture made easy™.

“Now is the time to bring the full value chain together to enable source-to-storage decarbonization. With our offering, customers will simply pay per ton captured CO2. We will handle the CO2 throughout the full value chain – from point of emission to permanent storage,” said Valborg Lundegaard, Chief Executive Officer of Aker Carbon Capture.

Aker Carbon Capture, building on more than 20 years of technology development and operational experience with CCS, will handle all interfaces and contracts as one single service, where the customer simply pays per tons CO2 captured.

Through standardization with our Just Catch modular product, digitalization, and integrating the full value chain, Carbon Capture as a Service will not only accelerate the market, but also accelerate cost reductions. Aker Carbon Capture will remain a technology-driven innovator in the CCS space and maintain a capital-light business model. The required investments for building and owning the plants will be financed through a separate yield company to optimize the overall cost of capital. This yield company will be established by Aker Horizons, in cooperation with Aker Carbon Capture, and will invite third-party capital that has a long-term capital deployment perspective and shared view on the importance of decarbonization.

The new service is designed to accelerate deployment of CCS across industries.

“Many companies that want to reduce emissions through CCS have been held back by the complexity and commitment required to act. This is carbon capture made easy; commercially viable CCS,” said Lundegaard.

Courtesy of Aker Carbon Capture.

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