Case Study:Mediating Leakage in Pressure Vessels

With the application of Pressure Vessels (PV) in such notable industrial segments such as oil & gas, chemical, and petrochemical, the risk of corrosion is heightened. One of the main causes of failure and fugitive emissions in pressure vessels is often linked to corrosion or erosion of the metal.

In the December issue of Fugitive Emissions Journal, the case study, "Mediating Leakage in Clad-Steel Pressure Vessels" by Mechanical Engineer, Raymond Cordewener, describes three cases of heavy corrosion in Pressure Vessels (PV) that were designed and constructed using clad-steel plates. Production and design mistakes ultimately led to metal deterioration. In one case, these mistakes led to full penetration corrosion through both the clad- and carbon-steel but was only detected after fugitive emission sensors caused an alarm.

It aims to provide design and production considerations that are important to bear in mind when using clad-steel plated pressure vessels. To read the full article, please contact the Editor, Stephanie Matas at 

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