Clock Spring Introduces Zero-Emissions Gasket

Clock Spring Company, Inc. (Clock Spring), a leading manufacturer of highly innovative and engineered products for the repair and rehabilitation of pipe-based critical infrastructure, has expanding its product line with the introduction of the patented Full Metal Gasket™, delivering a permanent, zero-emissions, non-leaking seal.
The CNC-milled gasket is manufactured from a single block of metal using the same material as the surrounding pipe and flange; so it shares identical characteristics and is able to expand and contract in line with the adjoining infrastructure to maintain a permanent, zero-emissions, non-leaking seal.
The gasket design includes specially milled ridges that make up the metal-to-metal seal. The ridges deform according to the surface of the flange and seal a 0.3 mm groove. Compression produced by the V-shaped rings that create the seal make installation easy, reducing the torque required to tighten the flange by almost 70%. When traditional bolted gasket joints are tightened excessively, the seal is often compromised. The Full Metal Gasket™ provides the same performance even when overtightened, controlling emissions and eliminating the likelihood of penalties and fines.
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