Crane KROMBACH TUFSEAT Metal Seated Ball Valve

Crane ChemPharma & Energy, a Crane Co. business, announced the introduction of its latest series of metal seated ball valves. The Krombach® TUFSEAT™ Performance Series features a combination of critical safety and operational characteristics that provide consistent seat leak and torque performance capable of extending the life of the valve by up to 50% especially in high cycle and slurry applications. Labeled internally the “superior” metal seated ball valve, the TUFSEAT™ outperforms bi-directional Class V and VI API-598/FCI 70.2 seat leakage standards at elevated pressures and temperatures.

“We are incredibly proud of this design because of the benefits it offers our customers in some of the most demanding applications across industries such as chemical, refining, mining and even pulp & paper,” said Alejandro Fratini, Global Business Line Manager, Crane ChemPharma & Energy. “Erosion, corrosion, seat leakage, polymerization and coke buildup are just some of the pain points that can be addressed with this valve and its revolutionary seat design, ultimately, resulting in a longer service life and cost savings.”

The Krombach® TUFSEAT™ offers a tighter inline seal made possible by its precision lapping of the metal ball and seat, and a secondary independent spring-energized seal. Patented pressure-assisted SX and S2 stem seals provide the highest protection against fugitive emissions while supplying side-load protection, further enhancing the life span of the packing. The high efficiency packing, along with live loaded seats result in lower torque operation, preserving sealing integrity and offering added protection from high cycles at higher temperatures. To further protect the packing set, a high-density graphite ring supports the stem against misalignments and assists in eliminating fugitive emissions.

Courtesy of Crane.

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