dynaCERT releases HydraGEN™ technology against NOx

dynaCERT Inc. announced a new order for its C-Series of HydraGEN™ Technology products in the battle against NOx and Greenhouse Gas Emissions with its made-in-Ontario Carbon Emission Reduction Technology. The initial order is through its dealer H2Tec, for three of the company’s HG145-6C Large Engine HydraGEN™ Technology products from an international leader in mining for deployment in a large Brazilian open pit mine.

The HG145-6C is a multi-cell unit developed by dynaCERT for installation on larger diesel engines used in heavy industry, construction, ships, rail, mining, oil & gas and stationary generators world-wide.

In accordance with the corporate policy to reduce its environmental footprint, the mining company has initiated the first of its deliveries of HydraGEN™ Technology for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of their fleet of mining trucks and equipment. The HG145-6C units will be mounted on large Caterpillar 793F mining trucks which are each powered by a quad-turbo 1,976 KW, 85L, CAT C175-16 diesel engine. 

dynaCERT is currently in discussions with mining producers operating globally to employ the HG145-6C technology on their equipment, machinery and mine-site generating stations.
Image Courtesy of dynaCERT Inc.
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