Shopia Ketheeswararajah

Fugitive Emissions Journal

I am honored to serve as the Editor of the Fugitive Emissions Journal, a role that allows me to leverage my experience in magazine publishing. During my time at KCI, I gained insight into various industrial sectors. Building a global community for the industrial emissions monitoring and reduction industry has been an immensely fulfilling endeavor.

Our publication caters to a diverse audience with varying levels of technical expertise. Through our daily online engagements such as newsletters, updates, and an extensive technical article archive, we ensure our members remain well-informed and connected.

Join me as we work toward uniting the fugitive emissions community through content creation, reaping the benefits of being a progressively innovative industry. With the emissions-focused content we offer, I am confident that each issue of Fugitive Emissions Journal has something valuable for everyone.

I encourage you to send me your technical articles, case studies, and press releases and I look forward to continuing to meet new industry professionals. Please feel free to contact me by filling in the form below should you have any questions or would like to be featured in the Fugitive Emissions Journal.

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