FRX Polymers Receives TCO Certification

FRX Polymers is pleased to announce that the Company’s polymeric phosphorus-based flame retardants Nofia® CO3000, CO4000 and Nofia CO6000 have been granted a GreenScreen Benchmark™ 3 score, one of the industry’s highest green non-toxic indicators of ESG compliance. GreenScreen is one of the most broadly recognized methods of comparative benchmarking chemical toxicity in the chemical industry.

This certification comes at an opportune time as it complements a series of recent actions taken by the European Union, as part of its Eco-design regulation, and by the State of New York, which bans the use of all brominated flame retardants in consumer electronic displays such as TVs and monitors. Nofia polymeric flame retardants uniquely offer the assurance of the coveted GreenScreen 3 Benchmark score, without compromising fire safety while simultaneously achieving exceptional and often superior physical properties.

GreenScreen is well recognized across the global electronics supply chain, being referenced and relied upon by many green NGOs and major OEMs, with Hewlett Packard being one of the earliest adopters. FRX management believes that this Green Screen’s accreditation is further validation of the human health and environmental credentials of the Nofia® range of halogen-free, polymeric flame retardants. These copolymer grades of Nofia® join the other homopolymer grades of Nofia® flame retardants previously granted a GreenScreen Benchmark 3, suitable for the most demanding high flow, molding and/or sheet extrusion applications.

FRX’s current commercial production of Nofia® flame retardants are already serving major OEMs around the world and the Company plans to further expand capacity to meet growing demand. The Company is actively selling its products to important industry leaders such as Polymer Compounders Ltd., who recently launched Notoxicom®, a product based on Nofia® flame retardants targeting plastics flame retarded with brominated flame retardants in electronic and medical device applications, including electronic displays, as well as the rapidly growing lithium-ion battery market.

Courtesy of FRX Polymers.
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