Gold H2 Appoints Prabhdeep Singh Sekhon as CEO

Gold H2, a Houston-based clean-hydrogen producing company, announced that Prabhdeep Singh Sekhon has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

This strategic hire marks a significant milestone in Gold H2’s mission to transform uneconomical, non-productive oil wells into mass hydrogen-producing assets, a business model that will reshape the traditional oil and gas industry landscape.

Cemvita Factory (“Cemvita”) had previously operated its Gold Hydrogen technology as a business unit focused on a field pilot program to achieve the microbe performance required to produce hydrogen at $0.80/kg. Gold Hydrogen developed a novel biotechnology that generates low-carbon hydrogen by converting uneconomical oil from end-of-life reservoirs into hydrogen by creating a “subsurface biorefinery” using the Earth’s biology.

Following successful field trial results in 2022, Cemvita spun out Gold H2 as a separate business, Gold H2, Inc. (“GH2”).

Courtesy of Gold H2.

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