Live Valve World webinar on Counterfeiting

Valve World will organize a live webinar on the 31st of May on counterfeiting. This session, moderated by Alexander Gangnus (see image, Dennemeyer Consulting), will address this challenge from various angles and geographies.
B2B counterfeiting is a big problem, leading worldwide to billions of euros in damages. Also the valve and actuation industry is affected.
According to Mr Gangnus, the focus of counterfeiters often lies on technology rather than trademarks. "As the pressure from brand owners and authorities increases, copycats tend to refrain from applying the original manufacturers’ logos on their counterfeit products but rather try to "reverse-engineer" market leaders’ products."
The implications for brand owners and end-users can be huge, Gangnus states. Of course there are monetary damages, due to lost turn over and damaged brand reputations, but there are also risks for the environment and human wellbeing. "Breakdowns due to low-quality counterfeits can quickly cause losses in six-digit euro ranges or higher if a vital production line is shut down. Moreover, employees and end-users’ safety is always at risk when using counterfeits."
The webinar will also focus on pro-active approaches for (SME’s) to address counterfeiting.
The webinar on Counterfeiting will take place on Monday the 31st of May 15.00 CEST. The webinar is part of VW Series, a combination of 3 live webinars and technical articles published in Valve World magazine.
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