MasterSeal 6100 FX: Sustainable waterproofing

MasterSeal 6100 FX is an innovative waterproofing slurry for applications in water retention structures like reservoirs, channels, pipelines and dams. The one-component material with a low specific weight, it retains its flexibility down to a temperature of -10°C; is fast-hardening, durable, waterproof at a layer thickness of 2 millimeters, and suitable for the waterproofing and surface protection of interior as well as exterior surfaces. Its formulation enables high waterproofing performance at low material density, with an up to 85% increase in coverage compared with traditional products. Since its launch, and documented in its eco-efficiency analysis, the product has helped save more than 1.7 million kilograms of CO2 equivalents.

The product ensures the concrete structures beneath remain protected from environmental impact long term as any damage to the coating will compromise its protective effect and inevitably lead to damage in the structure it is meant to protect.

Courtesy of Master Builders Solutions.

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