Micromazza Receives API Certification

Micromazza has been certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for a product scope that few companies have in America, as of April 2021. 

API certifications started on November 21st, 2005, where Micromazza established a system according to API Spec Q1, certifying its line of ball valve products according to Monogram Licencing 6D-0625. Micromazza has always pursued certifications by respected and internationally recognized institutes, even before the national market started to establish these conditions for companies to do business. 

Micromazza strives for continuous improvement in its products and services, results for the process and the environment, valuing people and developing new technologies. 

Organizational management focused on product performance for customers’ increasingly demanding applications, combined with corporate performance enabled the achievement of these new certifications: API 600 Gate Valves, API 602 Gate Valves, API Spec Q1 9th Edition and transfer of ISO 9001: 2015 certification to API. 

For a company to obtain these certifications, it is necessary to understand that there is work carried out for over 29 years, which has been consolidating its achievements, through API certifications, National as NBR 15827 and performance designed for the product as Fire Safe ISO valve certifications 10497, Low Fugitive Emissions ISO 15848 and searches for product validation tests based on their useful life. 

Courtesy of Micromazza.
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