New features of ViperVision inspection software

Viper Imaging is pleased to roll out some great new features in ViperVision 4.0. Expanded capabilities and an updated interface make it easier than ever to monitor processes.

ViperVision software supports communication standards for connection to the plant control system including OPC, Modbus, and physical I/Os such as relays and analog outputs. The new and improved software interface allows you to navigate ViperVision easier than ever. Expanded backend technology also allows ViperVision to connect to a variety of different camera providers.

Brief overview of key updates:
Communication standards now include OPC UA
Expanded variety of compatible cameras
Machine learning with Haar Cascades
Intuitive configuration with an improved menu structure
Advanced access control

In addition if you need to restrict access to a place or resource, ViperVision now has custom access control capabilities, or need to restrict access to a place or resource, the software now has custom access control capabilities.

Courtesy of Viper Imaging.

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