New FLIR GF77 Gas Find IR Series

The new FLIR GF77™ Gas Find IR Series allows for the use of uncooled gas detection cameras during gas and thermal inspections in areas such as chemical and industrial manufacturing, electric power utilities, natural gas supply chain, food and agricultural, and public safety. Capable of both gas detection and radiometric temperature measurement for thermal inspections, the GF77 Series builds upon the recent methane-detecting GF77 camera release.

The GF77 Gas Find IR Series now offers two types of lenses—low-range (LR) and high-range (HR)—in a standard 25° field of view or as a 6° telephoto lens, to find a wider variety of gases with only one camera. The LR lens has a built-in 7–8.5 µm wavelength filter for visualizing methane, nitrous oxide, propane, sulfur dioxide, R-134a, and R-152a. The HR lens filters the 9.5–12 µm wavelength for visualizing sulfur hexafluoride, ammonia, and ethylene. Both the LR and HR lenses are compatible with the GF77 camera body.

The GF77 is calibrated for temperature, so you can manually adjust contrast between the gas cloud and the background to improve image clarity and gas visualization. Other notable updates include: higher IR high-temp ranges, increased temperature measurement accuracy and improved inspection flow/reporting with optional add-ons for FLIR Thermal Studio Pro and FLIR Route Creator.

Details & Image Courtesy of FLIR.

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