NORD ECO Energy & Carbon Emission Optimization

The NORD ECO service helps users save energy and reduce costs. Fundamental application analysis is the first step of the NORD ECO service. The aim of the analysis is to record and review energy consumption and data from the current drive systems. This process determines the current energy consumption level, identifies which areas of the system are consuming the most energy, and finds opportunities where efficiency improvements can be made. The service is especially useful where regulations and standards are strict and gives companies a “green” image due to better sustainability efforts.

Using the information gained from the analysis, NORD develops a personalized solution that incorporates the collected data and selects motors that are more ideal for the application.

The NORD ECO service provides several advantages over traditional methods of energy consumption analysis. This customized solution can help determine where Total Cost of Ownership is optimized and helps provide an insight on evaluating the amount of carbon emission savings.

Details Courtesy of MEPAX PR.

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