Q45 All-In-One Kits for Monitoring Remote Assets

The Banner Engineering Q45 Series all-in-one kits combine a wireless node, sensor and battery power supply in one easy-to-deploy device that monitors assets and equipment in remote and hard-to-access locations.

The all-in-one design eliminates the time, labor and the expense of installing separate sensors and nodes. The Q45VA all-in-one vibration and temperature sensor and wireless node monitors the health and performance of motors, pumps and similar equipment with rotating motion. An ultrasonic sensor and wireless node monitor the level or position of fluid or dry assets in tanks, totes and containers. The pressure sensor and wireless node measures air, gas and fluid pressure of systems and equipment. The system can be used with Connected Data Solutions cloud software to create an end-to-end IIoT solution that will help users identify and resolve problems more quickly and make better, data-driven decisions. It can be used to monitor environmental conditions across in a wide variety of applications.
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