Radiello Passive Air Samplers from Restek

Restek has released a line of versatile, easy-to-use air samplers that are ideal for environmental monitoring, vapor intrusion, industrial hygiene, and personal air sampling. 

Radiello passive diffusive air samplers feature a unique 3-D radial design that provides several performance advancements compared to standard 2-D flat axial air samplers.  The 3-D cylindrical, coaxial design creates a large diffusive surface at a fixed, uniform distance from an

adsorbent center column. Air enters from all sides and analytes are trapped on the large inner absorptive surface. This results in a much higher sample uptake rate and capacity compared to standard 2-D flat axial samplers.

These samplers are a reliable, cost-effective alternative that offers high sensitivity for low-level detection in short sampling periods, as well as higher capacity so accurate results can be obtained over longer sampling times. Higher uptake rates give excellent low-level sensitivity, even for short sampling periods (down to 15 min). As the air samplers are available for a wide range of chemical classes, the choice of sampling material can be tailored to specific applications. Other features include a water repellant diffusive body and reusable holders. 

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