Supporting a Low-Carbon Economy & ESG with OGI

Optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras are a versatile tool, promoting efficient facility operations and responsible corporate citizenship by quickly identifying gas leaks, confirming vented emissions, and accurately quantifying both.

Companies can ultimately increase profitability via OGI and ESG reporting. Investors are careful to avoid risk and, if an oil and gas producer’s contribution to climate change represents a business or public relations risk, investors are less likely to consider it worthwhile in the long term. Competing with solar, wind, and nuclear power, as well as coal — oil and gas operators must convince investors of their commitment to ESG to thrive in a low-carbon economy.

We look at the dynamics of a low-carbon economy and discuss how producers can implement OGI in the latest issue of Fugitive Emissions Journal.

Read the full article by Craig O’Neill of Teledyne FLIR, and Joshua Anhalt of GreenPath Energy, Ltd. here.

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