Teadit Group Wins Valeer Award for RC510 Gasket

The Teadit Group has been awarded a 2019 Vaaler Award for the RC510 Gasket, utilizing Teadit’s patented Origin™ Technology. As a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of products for critical fluid sealing processes, Teadit has helped a number of industries achieve emission-free environments within their facilities.

Teadit’s Origin™ process eliminates wasteful consumption of material by dramatically reducing scrap generated from traditional gasket cutting processes through winding Teadit Tealon™ PTFE tape into a final ID/OD, thus decreasing its environmental footprint.  During the manufacturing process almost 100% of the raw materials are used, which helps to make PTFE practical and affordable. Teadit’s Origin™ RC510 further provides outstanding sealing characteristics similar to an elastomeric design, except it provides the superior chemical resistance, reliability and durability of PTFE.

This is the third award for the RC510 Gasket, produced by utilizing Teadit’s patented Origin™ Technology. The first two awards were received in 2018: First Prize for the Chemours Plunkett Award, and Product of the Year Award from Plant Engineering.

When asked about the winning of the Vaaler Award, Teadit North America’s President, Chris Day, said: “During Teadit’s long history in the fluid sealing industry, we have had the honor to compete against, with and alongside some extremely innovative companies.  As an industry supplier, in the last two decades, we were excited to see some of our competitors be recognized for their innovative vision with the Vaaler Award. We are very proud to now have Teadit stand amongst the leaders in the industry and be recognized for true innovative technology.  We believe that the Origin™ Technology will lead to many more advancements in the industry and we hold the RC510 Gasket up as an example of that.”

The recipients of the 2019 Vaaler Award will be honored at The Chem Show in New York City, NY, USA from October 22-24, 2019.

Press release courtesy of Teadit Group.

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