The Environmental Partnership Celebrates Anniversary

The Environmental Partnership marked its second anniversary last month with continued growth, as it now represents more than one-third of U.S. industry’s production including 69 participating oil and natural gas companies, according to the American petroleum Institute (API).
The initiative includes 32 of the top 40 natural gas producers. It has nearly tripled its participation in its first two years as companies across the country continue to innovate and improve best practices to reduce their environmental impact and emissions in every American basin.

Overall, methane emissions from the natural gas industry has fallen 14%. This is effectively a 43% reduction in the rate of emissions, further demonstrating the industry’s progress in minimizing emissions by maximizing energy efficiency. 

Recent accomplishments of The Environmental Partnership include:

  • Applying leak detection and repair programs: More than 156 000 surveys across nearly 80 000 production sites were conducted. The surveys inspected more than 56 million components and recorded only 0.16% of components needed repair, and 99% of these were repaired within 60 days.
  • Upgrading and replacing emissions-related equipment: More than 31 000 high-bleed pneumatic controllers were replaced, retrofitted or removed from service.
  • Growing leadership: Membership has tripled in the partnership’s first two years.
  • Sharing innovation: The group has held annual conferences to discuss new research and technology developments with industry experts. 
  • Advancing new technologies: Funding was provided for emission detection testing and research at Colorado State University’s METEC facility.
The Environmental Partnership began in December 2017, with a group of 26 natural gas and oil production companies and is expected to expand rapidly as it has in recent years, with nearly 70 current participants. 
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