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As proper valve sealing is one of the primary ways to reduce fugitive emissions, and decrease a facility’s environmental impact, this month’s Special Topic is
on Sealing Technologies. Highlighted by our Cover Story on Pipeotech, the company furthers the sealing industry’s strides toward a safer, and more sustainable future with the world’s tightest, most durable flange gasket on pages 8-11. Drew Devitt of New Way Air Bearings also explores how aerostatic bearing technology that improves compressor reliability can help avoid having to vent or flare fugitive emissions, on pages 16-18.

Deepak Bawa, Director of Project Development with New Fortress Energy, gives his observations on the potential role of hydrogen as countries and industries around the world are looking to decarbonize their energy sources on pages 13-15. Be sure to read the market report on pages 38-39 as we explore how fugitive emission decisions should include life quality costs. Pages 34-36 also provide an overview on drone emission monitoring.

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