TNA New Technical Director Mark Ruffin

Teadit is extremely excited to announce that Mark Ruffin, one of the nation’s leading Bolted Flange Joint Subject Matter Experts, has accepted the position of Teadit North America’s Technical Director.

The Teadit Group is committed to the mission of Sealing for a Safer and Greener Tomorrow. This requires ongoing strengthening of the organization to assist business partners in meeting the stringent requirements of lowering emissions and increasing reliability and safety. This has driven Teadit to develop the highest performing sealing products on the market, supported with industry-leading technical assistance. This commitment to excellence is demonstrated with the addition of Teadit’s newest team member.

Mark began his career as an engineer with three years at BP before joining the Chevron Corporation. During his 12 years at Chevron, Mark served as the corporate Sealing and Bolting Specialist, providing training, technical support, and AML approvals. He has authored and maintained standards for assembly of bolted-flanged connections and valve packing installation while also participating as a voting member on a myriad of industry standards committees.

Based out of the El Segundo Refinery in Southern California, Mark was counted on to keep his organization as a top performing producer in the oil and gas industry. Mark’s knowledge and experience with Sealing for a Safer and Greener Tomorrow will allow Teadit to continue to take customer support to the highest level. After moving from California to Houston this summer, he will join Teadit and lead a team of Application Engineers and Technical Field Support Specialists.

Courtesy of Teadit.
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