Velan ABV Wins Bando Regione Toscana for Carbon Capture

Velan ABV was recently awarded “R&D Strategic projects” for the Carbon Capture and Storage project. Velan ABV, in partnership with innovative startups investing in High-tech sector, took over the role of leader of the project for proving reliable and safe solutions to be applied in future Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) projects in order to drastically reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. 

This will lead Velan ABV towards in an innovation-oriented strategy which brings the company closer to the demands of customers by expanding its own business sector. The company considers the development of new valves and systems as a strategic plan for the consolidation and expansion of its current business always keeping in mind safeguard protocols of production plants.
Velan ABV will plays an important role to carry out fundamental goals for the safeguard of people and of the world. Being a leader in energy industry constitutes a good knowledge base for an imminent development that aims to innovate and achieve the objectives of Net Carbon Zero set by 2050.
Velan will take full responsibility of the development of safe and reliable valves enabling us to be pioneers of future technology, drive the innovation improving people’s lives and ensuring the safety of the planet for a green and better world.

Image credit: Velan ABV
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