A.W. Chesterton ViewIn™ technology for mechanical seals

A.W. Chesterton Company recently introduced their latest mechanical seal innovation: The Chesterton ViewIn™ Technology for Mechanical Seals, which greatly facilitates seal identification and maintenance. The product allows for wireless seal identification and recordkeeping with a mobile app.
Each ViewIn-enabled Chesterton seal is equipped with RFID tags that can be read using a Bluetooth-connected RFID reader to retrieve pertinent seal information, sealing device drawings, pressure test reports, materials of construction, and supplementary items. 
“ViewIn provides a new level of efficiency in seal management,” said Steven Bullen, Global Product Line Manager, A.W. Chesterton Global Marketing. “This new Chesterton technology will greatly facilitate seal/pump maintenance by allowing personnel to access relevant seal information immediately, when they need it   ̶   even when equipment is running.”
The ViewIn web/mobile application can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store or Google Play. Seal information can also be entered and accessed at: https://viewin.chesterton.com.  
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