China to Reduce Pollution in ‘Steel City’ Tangshan

China has announced a new wave of measures aimed at preventing air pollution and targeting emission producers in the northern city of Tangshan. As a global leader in steel manufacturing and export, Tangshan has been selected to help improve China’s environmental profile.
Authorities have published a set of stringent new guidelines aimed at forcing firms to install new air quality monitoring technology which prevents them from tampering or falsifying the data produced. As a result, many steel foundries have been closed down in recent months, as local authorities also attempt to phase out coal as an energy source.
The tough new measures will come into effect from November 1st and will require all companies in the industrial sector to install up-to-date emissions monitoring technology on-site. Failure to do so will lead to risks including large fines, the closure of facilities and the arrest of individuals responsible for compliance failure.
These measures, alongside new regulations on waste disposal and private vehicle emissions indicate that China is making valiant efforts to reduce its environmental footprint.
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