The Sniffers’ Execute Methane Accounting Program

The Sniffers have successfully launched its Methane Accounting Program for a client in the Middle East. The service was applied for 24 different facilities, including gas separation plants, wells, compressor stations, gas processing plants and battery stations, totaling more than four million potential emitting sources. All the sources were measured and the emissions of the emitting sources were quantified with particular international protocol. After the first repair round, all emitting sources were re-measured. It is estimated a reduction total of 1.900 tons of methane emission per year will be achieved.

The Sniffers’ Methane Accounting Program was launched this year to help customers minimize methane emission while simultaneously helping clients manage their reputation with credible, auditable figures and progress. The program consists of creating an in-depth understanding of all potential emitting sources, identifying and quantifying each emission with fit-for-purpose technologies and reporting calculated, detailed emission results with improvement plans and knowledge transfer.

Image Courtesy of The Sniffers.

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