Coal-to-Liquids Plant Gets Environmental Go Ahead

A construction permit for a USD $1.2 billion coal-to-liquids facility that would turn coal and natural gas into ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel, aviation fuel, gasoline and other fuel products has been approved by environmental officials in West Virginia. Virginia’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issued the permit to Domestic Synthetic Fuels as the facility represents a minor source of emissions.

The plant is expected to take 2,500 tons of coal per day, and combine it under heat and pressure with a catalyst and hydrogen derived from natural gas to produce more than 10,000 barrels of fuel a day. Furthermore, the facility will create 130 direct jobs on site, plus 130 new coal mining jobs to supply the facility with raw materials.  Construction is expected to begin this fall near Point Pleasant in Mason County.

Image Courtesy of WSAZ, WTap NBC.

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